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I LOVE playing bass guitar! Something I have not got is a “Bass Uke”, which is a bit of an oversight.

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I started off with a Tanglewood “Baby Bass” but this was not really suitable for playing bass with Angel Beast!

A black Danelectro short-scale Longhorn was a much better fit, both sound-wise and looks. As with the Tanglewood, I swapped the round-wound strings for flats.


My favourite bass guitars are both custom, short-scale made by Kevin Parsons – the most recent a stunning resonator. Flat-wound strings on both.

Playing with Angel Beast – Kevin Parsons custom bass – 1970’s Vox Victor body:

No action photos yet – fabulous short-scale dobro (resonator) bass guitar made by Kevin Parsons:


Angel Beast YouTube Playlists and Videos:

2019 Feb 13 video – Angel Beast Live at Bar Loco

2018 January – Angel Beast Live “Doll at The Black Bull” (Playlist)

2017 April – Angel Beast – Polestar Studio (audio playlist)

2016 September – Angel Beast Live at Bar Loco (playlist)

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