Welcome to my world of singing, songwriting, music making, ukulele club support (song sheet creation, web site management, etc.) event organising and occasional techish geekery.

Past life

Ia a previous life I was a Speech and Language Therapist: for over 25 years running a specialist service in AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) covering the North of England and then later working in Adult Voice Disorders and Adult Acquired Neurological Conditions.

For even longer than that I was a Trade Union Activist, becoming Regional President of the union MSF (Manufacturing, Science and Finance), a member of the Regional TUC and the TUC elected delegate to the Northern Assembly with special responsibility for protecting and promoting Women’s Interests.

Let the music begin!

I morphed gradually into a singer/songwriter after a chance encounter with the ukulele in 2007,  when I wandered into one of George Welch’s Ukulele Allstars sessions at The Cumberland Arms, Byker/Ouseburn in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The first seven years of my journey are covered in an interview with Stan Tunstall-Otterburn and Jude in “The Durham Ranger and She Bear Show” on Mixcloud. You can read about it and hear it here: Ukulele Interview: The Durham Ranger and She Bear Show

I started writing songs in 2009 with Rita Morrison, who I met through the Ukulele Allstars. Rita was already an accomplished guitarist and taught me how to play simplified arrangements (strumming and fingerstyle) to accompany the lovely and complex instrumental songs that she wrote. It was playing these songs that inspired me to write lyrics. They were far too wordy and “poemy” and Rita guided me in the basics of song composition. I learned a lot from Rita, who sadly passed away in 2011.

(12 March 2017: this page is currently being updated – to be continued!)

This site started off as a way to keep track of all my ukulele-related stuff on the web – plus some actual uke-action that did not fit in anywhere else.

Then I added my non-uke stuff too.

I registered “Ukelear Radiation” as a band name and started adding my videos here: http://ukelear-radiation.com/

Slight problem – nobody, including me, could ever remember the right spelling . . . “Ukelear” or “Ukulear”?

There were also more occasions when I was performing with someone else, as “Ukulele Allsorts”, than by myself as “Ukelear Radiation”.

So, from now on, I am “Ukulele Allsorts”, whether in company with others or solo.  Until I have moved all the content over, for my videos and music, please head over to http://ukelear-radiation.com/

Liz Panton
26 Sept 2014


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2 comments on “About
  1. canadiansunrise says:

    Hi Liz. You helped me out with a Songbook/ChordPro situation a while back, for which I again thank you. I’ve started a Facebook page as a group discussion to help resolve some of the problems we come across with the Songbook/ChordPro program. I’m really hoping you screen these messages as I don’t want to step on your toes by extending an invitation to you & yours. But if you’re interested it is Facebook – I’m heavily reliant on them as I’m not really tech savvy. It is called Linksoft Songbook ChordPro User Group Discussion. Not selling anything – just trying to help & get help (much needed help when you think about it). Have a grand New Year Liz. Kindest regards. Don

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