Venezuelan Cuatro Rebuild by Kevin Parsons – Part 3

Parting Knife and Glue Tips

When I posted the earlier articles in this series to the Facebook Group “UAS Anonymous”, there were queries about how Kevin had removed the back of the cuatro.  In this short video, Kevin gives some tips about removing glue and how to make and use a “parting knife”.

Progress with new kerfing and bracing

The work in these photos shows some of the “next stages” that Kevin described in his previous videos:

Strips of kerfing in place on the bottom edges of sides.

The old blocks that were holding the top to the sides were widely spaced. You can still see some of them in the upper bout that are yet to be removed.

2017-06-13 Kevin Cuatro rebuild 20 - blog

All the old blocks been removed from the lower bout and from the lower part of the upper bout. They have been replaced by a larger number of new blocks that are more closely spaced than the original blocks. Many of them have just been put in place and the glue is still wet under them.

2017-06-13 Kevin Cuatro rebuild 21 - blog

2017-06-13 Kevin Cuatro rebuild 22 - blog

The notched stick of dark wood lying on top of the kerfing is ready to by cut up, to make more blocks to fit into the upper bout.

2017-06-13 Kevin Cuatro rebuild 23 - blog

One new cross brace is in place, with its side braces. You can see how the cross brace has been shaped on the top, sides and ends. The side braces strengthen the sides and also hold the cross brace in place, preventing it from moving or dislodging.

2017-06-13 Kevin Cuatro rebuild 24 - blog

Background and context

Please see this page Kevin Parsons Makes and Mends and the first article in this series: Venezuelan Cuatro Rebuild by Kevin Parsons – Part 1

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

I found this process fascinating – Kevin thinks I’m mad!

Liz Panton
March 8th 2018

Singer-songwriter, music-maker, organiser and unionista, bit of a geek, life long learner - there is always room for improvement!

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